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Why TSC Printers?

TSC is an industry leader with an installed base of over 3 million printers in over 100 countries. Our performance, value, and reliability are renowned to our customers across the world. We leverage over 25 years of development and manufacturing experience to design and bring to market a wide range of thermal label printers.


At TSC, we truly believe we can offer you not just another printer, but a set of tools designed to control, customize, and even open up a whole new world of applications that can save your company dollars, and reduce the overall resources spent supporting printers at the IT and Operations levels.

We offer label printers with a lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Lower initial startup costs, support costs, and costs for upgrades
  • Lower-cost, long-lasting replacement heads

Our barcode printers are the most durable, feature rich available on the market
  • ISO9001-certified products with a durable, rugged, and dependable construction
  • Long-lasting internal components and ease of use
  • Backed by an unprecedented 2-year warranty

A new world of applications
  • Network base query functionality with advanced middleware tools
  • Powerful standalone printing tools

Simple, seamless customization
  • Easily configure and set new printer defaults for any and every application
  • Set defaults for label size, form sending, printer speed, printer heat and more
  • Factory reset to custom settings, and even lock custom settings

Limited Warranty for TSC Bar Code Printer and Accessories
  • Covers defects in material and workmanship
  • Warranty period from 3-60 months